Legion’s Hax :O

//Legion’s Hax :O

//welcome to legion’s hax :O v3.0 in this script, I will try to explain what each command(s) does, and how to modify it’s parameter’s, if applicable

//part one, the basic glows, Survivor’s perspective

// Fellow survivor glows. this is your teamates glow during normal circumstances

cl_glow_survivor_b 0
cl_glow_survivor_r 0
cl_glow_survivor_g 1

//vomit glows, survivor perspective. what the survivor sees when your teamates are vomited on by a boomer

cl_glow_survivor_vomit_r .75
cl_glow_survivor_vomit_b .75
cl_glow_survivor_vomit_g 0

//item glows. the glows of items at both far and close range.  Never miss anything again!

cl_glow_item_far_r 1
cl_glow_item_far_b 0
cl_glow_item_far_g 0
alias “ignone” “cl_glow_item_r 1;cl_glow_item_g 0;cl_glow_item_b 0;wait 30;igntwo”
alias “igntwo” “cl_glow_item_r 0;cl_glow_item_g 0.5;cl_glow_item_b 1;wait 30;ignone”

//action glows. these are the glows that occur when a survivor is pounced/charged/jockied/smoked, incapped, or in a hero closet awaiting rescue

alias “flash1” “cl_glow_survivor_hurt_r 1.0;cl_glow_survivor_hurt_b 0;cl_glow_survivor_hurt_g 1;wait 30;flash2”
alias “flash2” “cl_glow_survivor_hurt_r 0;cl_glow_survivor_hurt_b 1;cl_glow_survivor_hurt_g 0.33;wait 30;flash1”

//glow of the attacking infected, i.e. hunter’s glow on a pounced survivor, this is still the red default

cl_glow_ability_r 1
cl_glow_ability_b 0
cl_glow_ability_g 0

//Part two, glows, infected perspective

//glows of your infected teamates, blue for spawned, white for still in ghost mode, no second guessing about who’s in play anymore!

cl_glow_infected_b 1
cl_glow_infected_r 0
cl_glow_infected_g 0

cl_glow_ghost_infected_b 0.70
cl_glow_ghost_infected_g 0.70
cl_glow_ghost_infected_r 0.70

//glows of survivors representing the three different HP levels, they are brighter than default, plus low HP survivors are red with white flashes

cl_glow_survivor_health_high_r 0
cl_glow_survivor_health_high_b 0
cl_glow_survivor_health_high_g 1

cl_glow_survivor_health_med_r 1
cl_glow_survivor_health_med_b 0
cl_glow_survivor_health_med_g 1

alias “shlone” “cl_glow_survivor_health_low_r 1;cl_glow_survivor_health_low_b 0;cl_glow_survivor_health_low_g 0;wait 175;shltwo”
alias “shltwo” “cl_glow_survivor_health_low_r 0.70;cl_glow_survivor_health_low_b 0.70;cl_glow_survivor_health_low_g 0.70;wait 20;shlone”

//part three, crosshair overhaul, increased the thickness, changed the color, and turned the evil dynamic off! can be modded for any color that suits you, however

cl_crosshair_thickness 3
cl_crosshair_red 255
cl_crosshair_blue 0
cl_crosshair_green 0
cl_crosshair_dynamic 0
cl_observercrosshair 0

//if you love the dynamic on for non shotguns, then you can toggle on and off with a simple keystroke with the below bind

bindtoggle g cl_crosshair_dynamic 0

//sensitivity of 0.78 is very low, so change it to one that you are used too, however it is always good to set the sens value in the console or in a .cfg file

sensitivity 0.78

//part four, server commands, rates, and interpolation

mm_dedicated_search_maxping 80
cl_timeout 60

rate 25000
cl_interp_ratio 2
cl_updaterate 30
cl_interp 0.067
cl_cmdrate 30

//part five, misc useful commands

bind “TAB” “+sb”;
alias “+sb” “+showscores; net_graph 4”;
alias “-sb” “-showscores; net_graph 0”;

cl_ragdoll_limit 5

//these five below were stolen from Jerkstores config 😀

func_break_max_pieces 0
dsp_enhance_stereo 1
cl_forcepreload 1
r_PhysPropStaticLighting 0
mat_bloom_scalefactor_scalar 0

//cheat commands for practice sessions

bind z “+nc”
alias “+nc” “noclip 1”
alias “-nc” “noclip 0”
bind b “nb_delete_all”
bind x “sb_takecontrol”
bind v “kill”

bind 1 “z_spawn hunter”
bind 2 “z_spawn boomer”
bind 3 “z_spawn charger”
bind 4 “z_spawn jockey”
bind 5 “z_spawn smoker”
bind 6 “z_spawn spitter”
bind 7 “z_spawn tank”
bind 8 “z_spawn witch”
bind 9 “z_spawn common”
bind 0 “z_spawn mob”

//message binds

bind n “say_team pounced”
bind m “say_team smoked”
bind , “say_team charged”
bind . “say_team jockied”
bind h “say_team need to heal”
bind j “say_team need pills/adrenaline”
bind u “say_team charger lead the attack”
bind i “say_team smoker lead the attack”
bind o “say_team boomer lead the attack”
bind k “say_team cover me”
bind p “say aaaahhhhhh!!”
bind l “say lol”
bind ; “say we’ve got an afk”
bind / “status”

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